Saturday, August 1, 2009

Within The Whirlwind ( and Emily Watson )

I must admit that I do not get swayed or have my anticipation for a movie jilted by seeing the trailer for a flick. With that thinking, I must say I was highly impressed with what I saw from the trailer for Within The Whirlwind. Emily Watson looks like a force to be reckoned with and performance seems to be on the level of tour-de-force standards.

Movie is a true story of a woman ( Eugenia Guinzburg ) who was wrongly sent to the Gulag under Stalin's regime for nearly 20 years fighting off depression and suicidal thoughts, seeing friends tortured and killed. Herself, fighting off rape attempts and months of being locked in isolated confinement. It's a story of overcoming. Where she took her depression and thoughts of killing herself and transferred those feelings into writing. She lived throughout her lock up and when she was released, she wrote about that experience.

As of now, and I am very surprised, as many have spread the word on her impressive showing in the bootlegged trailer that was leaked over the internet, that the movie has not picked up a distibutor as of yet. It would be a shame and a sham if this performance by Watson ( her first leading role in over a decade ) to either be sent straight to DVD or go to cable. That would be an insult. I was nothing less than rivited by the performance in that trailer, and as I said earlier that hardly happens.

Crossing my fingers for a distributor to come in and save the film, because this is a career best for her, and if the film does get a release in theatre's in 09, I would be very surprised if she doesn't earn her third Oscar nomination.


cleanbillof said...

I saw the trailer of this movie on the internet a few moths ago and I was blown away by what I saw. Emily is in that elite acting league of woman. I just wish that she would play more lead roles. Hoping this movie gets a theatrical release. Would be a shame if it wasn't. Good work on your info. A lot of this stuff you have posted I had no idea of.

daniel.nakasone said...

i want to see that movie,
its a shame as you say the way this movie pass through without any recognitio or even a mention.

Do you know, at this time, end of 2010, what was the final destiny or reception of the movie.

I love emily watson, I think she is over the other kind of actress of her generation.

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