Monday, August 31, 2009

The Boys Are Back Preview/Synopsis & Trailer

Sept 25

Directed bt Oscar nominee Scott Hicks ( Shine, Hearts In Atlantis ) Starring Clive Owen, Duncan McNulty, George McKay. adaptation by Scott Gray ( St. Ives ) Cinematography by Greig Fraser ( Spider, The Water Diary ) Original music by ex Dire Straits guitar player Hal Lindes ( Quicksand )

True story about a sports writer ( Owen ) who must raise his two sons alone after the untimely passing of his wife and the effects that it has on his personal and career life as well the care for the two boys and making sure they will be OK as well.

Rated PG-13 for sexual language and thematic material.

Oscar chances ? Realistically Owen may have a shot. I have read where some have said this is the deepest he as gone as a character, so if he does that, it's possible for him to get an Oscar nomination. Screenplay could have a chance as well.

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