Thursday, May 21, 2009

Top films/performances worthy of mention so far as of 5-21-09


State Of Play
Star Trek
Sunshine Cleaning


Russell Crowe- State Of Play
Robert Downey Jr.- The Soloist
Jesse Eisenberg- Adventureland
Clive Owen- Duplicity
Brendan Fraser- Inkheart


Amy Adams- Sunshine Cleaning
Elle Fanning- Phoebe In Wonderland
Ziyi Zhang- The Horesman
Helen Mirren- State Of Play

Supporting Actor

Clifton Collins Jr.- Sunshine Cleaning
Jason Bateman- State Of Play
Paul Giamatti- Duplicity
Karl Urban- Star Trek
Jackie Earle Haley- Watchman

Supporting Actress

Emily Blunt- Sunshine Cleaning
Patricia Clarkson- Phoebe In Wonderland
Rachel McAdams- State Of Play
Rashinda Jones- I Love You, Man
Kristen Stewert- Adventureland


JJ Abrams- Star Trek ( killer job bro ! )
Kevin Macdonald- State Of Play
Christine Jeffs- Sunshine Cleaning
Zack Snyder- Watchman
Tony Gilroy- Duplicity


RC said...

not a very promising list so far -- i was thinking the other day about something i did think might sneak in somehow that came out this year, but now i can't remember it at all -- doh!

i'll be interested to see how star trek plays into the technical nominations.

moviefreak said...

I think Star Trek has very good chances in the technical categories. I think it's a lock for FX and Sound. Cinematography and Editing could have a chance as well. Thnaks for the comment.

imagoodjudge said...

You are going to have to add The Hanover onto your film list at least for now. I know it's a pervasive comedy but it is good.

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