Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Life In Ruins Preview/Synopsis

My Life In Ruins June 5

Directed by Donald Petrie ( Grumpy Old Men, Miss Congeniality ) Starring Nia Vardolas, Richard Dreyfuss, Rachel Dratch, Alexsis Georgoulis, Harland Williams. Wriiten by Mike Reiss ( The Simpsons Movie, Garry Shandling Show ) Cinematography by Jose Luis Alcaine ( Volver, Bad Education ) Editing by Patrick J. Don Vito ( Semi-Pro, Welcome To Mooseport ) Original Music by Oscar nominee David Newman ( Anastasia, The Cat In The Hat )

Premise in this rom-com, that is set in the ruins of ancient Greece, about a Greek-American tour guide, who's job it is to lead a tour of Greece with tourist's, which in this story happen to be misfit tourist's, who seem to care more about t-shirts than the history. Things seem to be only getting worse, when an older traveller played by Dreyfuss, that takes it upon himself to show her how to have fun again, and to take a look at a handsome bus driver, the last person who she thinks would fall in the love with.

PG-13 for sexual content 98 min.

Oscar chances ? Possible for screenplay, cinematography and supporting actor.

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