Saturday, September 13, 2008

New changes in Oscar categories as of 9-13

John Malkovich and Brad Pitt have worked their way in the Supporting Actor category, Frances McDormand in the Supporting Actress category, Burn After Reading for Best Picture and Joel and Ethen Coen for Direction.


Burn After Reading
In Bruges
The Dark Knight
The Visitor
Out- Vicky Crisitna Barcelona

No changes

No changes

Supporting Actor:
Robert Downey Jr.- Tropic Thunder
Brendan Gleeson- In Bruges
Heath Ledger- The Dark Knight
John Malkovich- Burn After Reading
Brad Pitt- Burn After Reading
Out- Joseph Gordon-Levitt- Stop-Loss, Guy Pearce- Traitor

Best Supporting Actress:
Joan Allen- Bonneville
Penelope Cruz- Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Hope Davis- Charlie Bartlett
Frances McDormand- Burn After Reading
Amy Poehler- Baby Mama
Out- Rebecca Hall- Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Ethen and Joel Coen- Burn After Reading
Tom McCarthy- The Visitor
Martin McDonough- In Bruges
Christopher Nolan- The Dark Knight
Ben Stiller- Tropic Thunder
Out- Woody Allen- Vicky Crisitna Barcelona


filmcriticnot said...

Malkovich most definitley, it was really his movie. He really sold it as a man that was totaly fed up. One of his best performances. Pitt and McDormand were very good too, who may also get nominations. I really enjoyed the movie and would have no problem seeing it again.

moviefreak said...

I agree about his portrayal of Ozzy Cox, as was the best character in the movie and I think his name should be in the running for Best Supporting Actor.

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