Saturday, September 6, 2008

Defiance preview/synopsis

Defiance- Dec. 12th

Directed by Edward Zwick ( Glory, Blood Diamond ) and starring Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber, Jamie Bell, Alexa Davalos, Tomas Arona, George MacKay. Written By Zwick and Clayton Froham, Cinematography by Oscar nominated Eduardo Serra ( Wings Of The Dove, Unbreakable ) Edited by Steve Rosenblum ( Braveheart, Blood Diamond ) and Music by Oscar winner James Newton Howard ( Michael Clayton, Prince Of Tides )

Defiance, a true story set during WWII, based on the Bielski brothers, and their partisan, and their battle against the Nazi's in German occupied Balarus.
The Bielski brothers were farmer's in their hometown of Navahrudak which was in Soviet control at the beginning of WWII, but then became a ghetto after the German invasion. The Bielski brothers escaped into the Belarussion forest after their parents were killed by the German's. Together with 13 other people from their same ghetto, they formed a partisan combat group, that after time began to grow as they recruited soviets as well to help fight off the German's.
Led by the eldest Bielski, Tuvia ( Craig ), a Polish Army veteran, he recruits more emissaries from the same ghetto to bolster the combat group living in the Naliboki forest, where after some time, they have made it their home, where the partisans lived in underground dugouts and structure's were made that included a kitchen, a mill, bath house, medical clinic, they had tailor's that patched up old garments, shoe maker's that repaired old shoes, a metal shop, carpenter's, hat and belt makers, and much more that was amazing considering their situation. When it was over, the orginization was over a thousand strong, which grew into two units.
The Bielski orginization stood strong against the German invasion and killed 381 enemy fighters and wounded hundred's more. By the time 1944 came around, when the Soviet counter offensive began in Belarus, the area became liberated, the " kalinin" unit of Bielski partisans numbering 1,230, emerged from the forest and marched in to now Balarus free again.

Movie is about overcoming terrible odds and fighting your way out of a almost impossible situation.

Rated R for violence and language.

This is a movie I have followed for some time and I'm highly awaiting it.

Oscar buzz- As of this time for many categories, but if I had to truly bet, I would think Picture, Supporting Actor ( Schreiber ) Director, Cinematography and Screenplay.


filmcriticnot said...

Now this should be pretty good. I can't wait !

moviefreak said...

I hardly get pumped up about movie trailers but this one did that to me. I hear about authenticity issues and embellishing/leaving out things from some writers. I may have to do some much more deeper research, because I'm a sticler for authenticiy. Like when
James Cromwell plays George Bush Sr. in his normal voice. I don't buy it. So I hope some people are just spouting off about Defiance and most of it is accurate.

moviefreak said...

I just came across a real good review of this film on Rotten Tomatoes. I was impressed by the trailer. It's one of those stories where how can't you not root for these people ?

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