Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Body Of Lies preview/synopsis

Body Of Lies- Oct. 10th
" Trust no one, decieve everyone "

Directed by Ridley ( When will I get my Oscar ! ) Scott, starring Leonardo Di Caprio, Russell Crowe, Carice Van Houten, Mark Strong and Golshifiteh Farahani. Written by Oscar winner William Monahan ( The Departed ) Cinematography by Alexander Witt ( American Gangster ) Editing by two time Oscar winner Pietro Scalia ( Black Hawk Down, Memoirs Of A Geisha ) and music by Mark Streitenfeld.

Ridley Scott, directs an adapation of the David Ignatius novel of the same title, about a former journalist, Roger Ferris ( Di Caprio ) that was injured in Iraq, who later is hired by the CIA, as an operative, and sent to Jordan by his manipulating boss Ed Hoffman ( Crowe ) to track a high ranking terrorist, all the while forming an uneasy sort of alliance with lead of Jordan's covert operation's ( Strong ).

Rated R for Strong Violence, including torture and language throughout.

Oscar buzz is for many catergories, but most likely for picture, director, actor and supporting actor. Only one review as of now but that was positive in saying it's action packed and tension filled with good performances from both Di Caprio and Crowe.


filmgeek59 said...

i read the book and thought it was great. it's action packed and tense. this is dicaprio's tense/paranoid trilogy after the departed and blood diamond. my two favorite films of 06. thismvie should be pretty cool.

atgtacoma said...

This sounds pretty darned interesting. Hopefully we see the stylish, yet somewhat restrained Scott on this one.

moviefreak said...

I read the book as well and it's supercharged with action and thrill's. But with Di Caprio as the lead in this film I can't help but not get Billy Costigan and Danny Archer out of my head.
Finally he will bring us something different in tone with his re-teaming with Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road come December.

filmcriticnot said...

Kind of looks like Blood Diamond part 2. But Ridly Scott hardly disappoints and it's Di Caprio and Crowe, so I'm sure it will be an entertaining, if not gripping film.

moviefreak said...

It's the Leo on the run trilogy. But I must say that I liked the trailer and Russell Crowe is method acting as Ed Hoffman impressed me. It's definitely very intense.

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