Saturday, August 28, 2010

Malkovich and McDormand in Transformers 3 !?

You heard it right. One Oscar nominated actor and one Oscar winning actress are part of the cast of Transformers 3. I was talking to a friend about this today and we came to different analogies. He on one hand, thinks it's an outrage these highly thought of stage veterans selling out for the schlocky Transformers franchise.

I only the other hand, while I don't care for the Transformers deal, I do not begrudge them for signing on to do this type of genre and film. They are probably going to make more money on this film than they have on any other. And maybe it will be something different and fun for them for a change instead of all the seriousness.

Doesn't really matter to me, because I won't be seeing the film, but it's news worthy regardless.

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