Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My pump for 2009

Well, I went to several studio's to check out what we are going to see coming to a theater near us this year. I was surprised and how many looked good on paper. I think better than last year to be honest. At least for pure entertainment purposes. It will take me several months to put a list of movies together that will probably garner Oscar buzz, which won't begin till July.
So from what I saw, here is what I am looking forward to in 09.

1) Watchman- What can I say, I'm a huge fan of the graphic novel, and the trailer looked simply awesome. Many people anticipating it. I have to control the my anticipation so my expectations are not out the roof and it doesn't hold up.

2) Shutter Island- Scorsese is my favorite director and it has a great cast, from a good book. I'm putting the pressure on the director making it my 2nd most anticipated movie of the year. I have more confidance this will deliver than fail. This will have Oscar buzz come that time. I'd bet on it.

3) Public Enemies- I just love the story first. And this is the 2nd best acting ensemble of the year and Michael Mann directing ?! Slam dunk. Plus, I love that time period and the John Dillinger period of gangsters, with J. Edgar Hoover's hard on for The Public Enemey # 1.

4) Avatar- Just because it's a James Cameron film and he's been at work on this sci-fi movie for almost a decade. We'll see how the perfectionist does with the final product.

5) Alfred Hitchcock and The Making of Psycho- How can this be bad ? Anthony Hopkins as the famous director ? Should be pretty cool. Title needs to change though. Cut it to The Making Of Psycho.

6) Leaves Of Grass- Edward Norton playing two brothers that are the complete opposite's ? An acting tour de force he'll have to come up with. And Dreyfuss as the drug dealer ? Sublime. This should be good.

7) Star Trek- The Trekkie in me is geeking out for this film. The trailer was very cool to look at. It leaves you wanting much more.

7) Nottingham- I just like the story and the cast ( Crowe playing two characters as well ) with Ridley Scott directing. Hard to think it won't be enjoyable to see.

8) The Wolf Man- Call me old school but I always back the classic horror originals, but this has a good cast and will give you a modern look at Lawrence Talbot's plight.

9) Crazy Heart- How can I not look forward to Jeff Bridges playing a washed up country singer making one last comeback in his life and the help of a young female muse. I don't like country music, but I like the premise with Bridges in the lead. Sounds like some scenery chewing will be had.

10) X Men Orgins: Wolverine- This is the comic book/Marvel geek in me really anticipating it. Wolverine is by far the best character in X-Men. Should be cool to look into his back story. Jackman is at a career height.

11) Inglourious Basterds- Tarantino's WWII soriee with a huge cast and some Nazi hating grunts kicking some Nazi ass. Never a bad thing.

12) Terminator: Salvation- I'm glad to hear the rumors that it's going back to the tone of the very first movie and the comedic bits are gone. And I'd say it's pretty official that Bale can carry a film by himself.

13) The Informant- Apparantly Matt Damon took his turn into method acting and gained 25 pounds for his role as a tattle tale. Movie has a very interesting back story. I'm looking forward to it.

14) The Fantastic Mr. Fox- I loved the book and it should go over pretty well. Has to be one of the better animated films coming out this year. Good actors involved and Wes Anderson directing ? I'd be shocked if it isn't recieved well.

15) Men Who Stare At Goats- Has a good cast and a very quirky original screenplay, that is will be hard for it not to work I think. George Clooney with long hair !

16) The Lovely Bones- I might have this higher but the premise is so dour, I fear it may be depressing. It has a good cast and Peter Jackson in the directors chair, so we'll see.

17) Nine- I'm not a big musical guy, but I didn't think Sweeney Todd was too bad. Depp was solid. This has a great cast and obviously all the curiosity is how well Daniel Day-Lewis can sing. Reports are quite impressive. Doesn't sound like a surprise, as the guy puts 120% into anything he does. Broadway lovers will show up in droves. You know this will be an Oscar darling.

18) Amelia- They finally made a film of her disappearence and not a documentary ! Interested to see Hillary Swank become Amelia.

19) State Of Play- This should be a pretty good thriller. Can't deny the good casting. Supposedly the BBC show was quite popualr from which the movie is based.

20) Repossesion Mambo- A time where people can buy human organs on credit ? And if behind in payment, they can be repossessd and you die ? Talk about original story telling !

Also I must mention the pushed back movies The Soloist and The Road were anticipated from 2008, so the anticipation doesn't change for this year.

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vcmovies said...

That's an impressive group of movies. I'd have to say I'm really looking forward to Shutter Island, Star Trek, Public Enemies, Nottingham and Avatar.

09 looks to be a pretty strong year in film. No interest in Eastwood's Mandela film The Human Factor though ?

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