Friday, January 30, 2009

My 2009 Oscar predictions

Well, here we are again, the Oscar nominations were announced, with several surprising snubs I must say, so it's that time to make my predictions. Personally, I am going to give a huge shout out to The Dark Knight, Doubt, Christopher Nolan, Mandy Walker, Bruce Springsteen ( I don't care if the lyric says a one leg dog ) Michelle Williams, Nick Shenk, screenwriter of Changeling, who I believe were unjustly not recognized.

Best Picture

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
( Either Doubt or The Dark Knight should be there instead of The Reader )

Best Actor

Mickey Rourke- The Wrestler
( They could have went with Clint and not many people would have disagreed )

Best Actress

Kate Winslet- The Reader
( Michelle Williams should have got the 5th spot instead of Hathaway there )

Best Supporting Actor

Heath Ledger
( Emile Hirsch and John Malkovich were worthy candidates )

Best Supporting Actress

Penelope Cruz
( Rosemarie DeWitt could have slid into Viola Davis spot )

Best Director

Danny Boyle
( He did such a great job for what little he had to work with, the little kid's were great, just won the Directors Guild Award )

Best Adapted Screenplay

( I really think it's the best written film of the year )

Best Original Screenplay

(This SHOULD win but I'm afraid of Wall-E )

Best Cinematography

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
( Snubbing Mandy Walker for Australia is complete idiodicy )

Best Editing

( Either this or Milk )

Best Art Direcxtion

The Dark Knight
( Another tough category- Button was highly impressive )

Best Costume Design

The Duchess
( How can they not vote for it )

Best Animated Film

( Bet on it )

Best Makeup

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
( Only 3 nominations really puts it in it's favor )

Best Original Score

Slumdog Millionaire
( Another Wall-E scare )

Best Documentary

Man On Wire
( Sure bet it's been sweeping )

Best Foriegn Film

Waltz With Bashir
( Same as MOW )

Original Song

Jaiho- Slumdog Millionaire
( They cut Springsteen because of a non-sensical lyric )

Have no clue to the film shorts.

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