Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tropic Thunder review ?

Naw... I'm not going to give you a film critic style review of the film because you probably already read a bunch of them and already pretty much know what the movie is about, so I'll just say a few things about what I thought about it.

Very entertaining. Great, quotable dialogue. Killer classic rock from CCR, The Stones, Steppenwolf. Never a boring moment and everyone is good in it. Especially Robert Downey Jr. I will see it again for some of the dialogue I missed when his character is talking a bit too fast and half mumbling. One thing that I haven't heard mentioned that really impressed me was the cinematography by John Toll, two time Academy Award winner for Legends Of The Fall and Braveheart back to back, some great dolly and tracking shots. The movie isn't over long and I laughed a lot in it which was nice for one since I didn't like Step Brothers or Pineapple Express. I cannot wait for the DVD because I'm sure there are some great making of and behind the scenes segments. Oh yeah, and Tom Cruise, pretty much unrecognizable, did a good job in his role as well, being that he has never played a character like that before. Well done Stiller, you really impressed me this time.

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