Sunday, August 17, 2008

New addition to the nomination's categories

I will have to add Melissa Leo's name to the actress list as I was very moved by her performance in Frozen River. The movie as a whole is pretty depressing, but she carries it and is very good. She really sells that character. Too bad most people won't see it in the theaters because it's in very limited release. If you do miss the film, rent the DVD when it comes out , if for any reason, her excellent acting in it.

I also have to commend pretty much newcomer, Rebecca Hall for her job well done in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I personally liked her the best out of the entire cast. Hope to see her in future projects because she has that something. Charisma maybe ?

And just for personal reason's because I thought he was awesome, I will add Robert Downey Jr. to the Best Supporting Actor list for his pure sublime, disappearing act in Tropic Thunder. I know it's a satire, goofball comedy, but that was some great acting there. I know the Academy won't nominate him for this role, it will probably be for the Soloist, but to me, I think this is the second best acting job of the year so far just a tad behind Heath Ledger's.

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