Sunday, September 18, 2011

Carnage trailer

Roman Polanski's take and adaptation of the popular stage play God Of Carnage originally written by French playwright Yasmine Reza.

This adaptation stars Jodie Foster, John C. Reilly, Christoph Waltz and Kate Winslet.
The 2010 Broadway play played 452 performances with a cast consisting of Marcia Gay Harden, James Gandolfini, Hope Davis and Jeff Daniels, and garnering several Tony nominations with Harden winning the Tony for Best Actress.
The film which recently played the Toronto Film Festival, recieved better than average response from critics, with Foster getting most of the best in show accolades, some saying she should have a pretty good chance at a Oscar nod. Waltz also received good word in his role as well.

The film will see a December 16th, 2011 release date.

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