Friday, September 18, 2009

Antichrist Preview/Synopsis + Trailer

Antichrist ( wide Nov. 1 )

Directed by Lars Von Trier ( Dogville, Dancer In The Dark ) starring Willem DaFoe and Charolette Gainsbourg. Written by Von Trier, Cinematography by Oscar winner Anthony Dod Mantle ( Slumdog ) Edited by Anders Refn ( Breaking The Waves )

Antichrist is made up of 4 chapters, grief, despair, pain and The Three Beggars.

The ever controversial Von Trier is back and causing another stir, in this story about a couple that loses their son in death.

In trying to heal their emotional wounds, they venture and retreat to the woods in a cabin, when they end up experiencing extremely strange and frightening occurences brought on by evil forces.

Rated R for thematic material, sexual mutilation and nudity. 109 min.

Oscar chances ? This movie seems to go right down the middle to either those that disdain it, to others who call it a masterpiece. Definately caused a stir at Cannes. I'd say this will be looked upon at The Independent Film Awards than the Oscar's, though I have heard good things about Gainsbourg's performance.

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