Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kung Fu Kid ?!

Yes... you are reading it correctly, Hollyweird is doing it again, just 25 years old, they have decided to re-make The Karate Kid. A movie still a regular on cable TV stations.
This time in the Daniel role played by Ralph Macchio will be Will Smith's son Jaden, this time named Dre. In the role of Mr. Miyagi played by Arnold, uh... I mean Pat Morita, will be Jackie Chan as Mr. Han. The mother will be played by Taraji P. Henson ( Queenie in Bejamin Button )

I know I am not in a big minority in rallying against studios to stop already with the re-makes. Especially to very popular franchises such as The Karate Kid. If you are going to do a remake at least wait 40 or 50 years since the film's release. As I mentioned before, kids can still see the original's on TNT or A&E.

This baffles my mind. The re-makes are out of control. It just shows the lack of originality in Hollywood. Re-makes I thought would take a fall after so many have tanked at the box office, but I was wrong, they still keep on trying to redo movies, some just a little over 20 years old. I just shake my head in annoyance.

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imagoodjudge said...

I'm with ya pal ! How stupid. I have been tired of remakes for very long now.

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