Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Escapist preview/synopsis

The Escapist April 13

Written and Directed by newcomer Rupert Wyatt. Starring Brian Cox, Joseph Fiennes, Damien Lewis, Liam Cunningham, Dominic Cooper. Cinematography by Phillip Blaubach ( Little White Lies ) Editing by Joe Walker ( Grow Your Own, Tabloid ) Original music by Oliver Wolfisch ( The Brothers Grimm, Atonement )

Film is a prison escape premise, about longtime prisoner Frank Perry ( Cox ) a lifer, who has pretty much relinquished any hopes of ever being a free man again. When Frank finds out that his daughter is near death and there is the chance he may never see her again, he begins to think about escaping. In time, a mish-mash of an escape crew is assembled. Currently the film has a 88% approval rating. The Escapist is supposed to to have a different feel to it than most prison escape movies in it's structure. Director Wyatt splices the preperation and plans to escape and the actual escape, cutting back and forth between the two scenarios.

Rated R for violence and language. 102 min.

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