Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tarantino's grandest yet ?

Well, QT has his script for the much waited for, Inglorius Batstards, now picked up by Harvey Weinstien and Universal picking up the slack and ready to get the ball rolling. The much ballyhooed script goes back as far as 2001, and has gone through 3 re-writes. The rumor is it's the hottest script in town, and the film wants Brad Pitt and Leonard Di Caprio to star in the lead roles with Pitt playing American Colonial Aldo Raine and Leonardo as the evil Nazi Hans Lander AKA The Jew Hunter.
The story goes that Raine needs to recruit some bad ass Jewish soldiers and go behind enemy lines for Operation Kino in German occupied France, and decimate the Nationalist Social Party. Filming is to commence in October and Tarantino has said the goal is to preview it at Cannes next year. It will be under much anticipation as to who is cast as the 8 man crew Raine recruits. Names that have been rumored is Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, Bo Svenson and Adam Sandler. Should be real interesting to follow the casting.

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